Financial Innovation: A Permanent Agenda in Finance

Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva


The Journal of Financial Innovation (JoFI), which is totally independent and completely free to anyone who is interested in reading it, has been establishing itself as one of the first periodicals dedicated to financial innovation, a subject that has been growing in importance in various spheres of interest, from academia to industry, including policy makers. Economic stability and growth are closely linked to financial innovation in its various formats, i.e. products, processes and financial institutions.

At the end of the 1980s the financial market in the United States and its institutions were facing changes that were seen as revolutionary at the time. In other words, at that particular moment in time we witnessed the rise of financial instruments and institutions that did not even exist at the end of the 1970s. As Mishkin (1990) points out, there is still an interest in understanding better the dynamic of the changes in financial systems and the proliferation of financial products. In this regard, the forces behind financial innovation are increasing in relevance. These include the conditions required for changes in the market, advances in technology, market (de)regulation, different types of crisis that are relevant to the market, new challenges facing banks, and other such matters.


Innovation in Finance; Crowdfunding; Technology; Finance

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